What Are The Different Types Of Pavers And Which One Should You Use?

Whether it’s a driveway, a walkway, a patio or a parking space, one of the foremost reasons it might catch your attention is because of its texture and finish. These usually are an outcome of the use of right paving material, which is why you need to spend a good amount of time choosing one for your own project. 

Paving stones or pavers are primarily made up of natural stone, concrete, or brick. However, these materials are available in a zillion colours, forms, shapes, and sizes. If you are planning to construct a walkway or a driveway, then the best way to get the job done is by hiring one of the best asphalt paving companies in Brantford. These companies have skilled, in-house professionals with high knowledge of pavers and other composite materials. Working with them ensures that you will get the EXACT look you have envisioned.

Types of Pavers

As mentioned above, pavers come in three types, such as:

  • Natural Stone: These are the most common types of pavers and relatively more expensive than the others. If you are constructing a driveway, these might not be the best pick as they can break under extreme pressure.
  • Brick Pavers: These are mostly made of clay or concrete and are often colour dyed for a perfect brick finish. These are strong in quality and work great for patios and walkways. 
  • Concrete: These pavers are made with moulded concrete and are available in a variety of patterns as well. Out of the three, these are considered the most durable and sturdy. 

Which Paving Material Should You Use For a Driveway?

Amongst the many paving materials available out there, the most suitable for a driveway is concrete pavers. They are relatively low-maintenance and leave an elegant finish. Besides, asphalt is another excellent option to pick since they are more economical. With so many top companies providing asphalt services in Brantford, you can easily get your driveway ready in no time and within your budget.